Large bouquets take a lot of work, so make sure you display your floral arrangement talents properly with our selection of large living vases. This collection of large living vases is ideal for displaying and transporting bouquets. 

We have a selection of large living vases, including several colour choices. They all look great and are pre-cut for easy assembly. In addition to the fantastic large living vases in our collection, you’ll also get some great extra benefits.

Here’s what else you get when you buy from our large living vases collection:

  • Free shipping on orders over £90s (including VAT) 
  • A 30 day returns guarantee
  • Volume discounts (with savings of up to £500)

Look through our selection of large living vases and find the perfect way to safely and stylishly display and transport your floral arrangements. Join countless other happy florists that depend on us to deliver great floral boxes.

Florist Vase Large


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